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Discover how to get your insurance broker to lower your costs by thousands of dollars.
This free manual delivers 36 years of negotiating experience, packed into 12 pages of money-saving information. Use it to drive down insurance costs yourself; or use it to train your CFO, Office Manager, or bookkeeper. Avoid making expensive mistakes, and prevent overpaying for commercial insurance. Stop wondering if you are wasting money. Get the manual now, and implement the successful strategies that have delivered over $20 million in measurable cost reduction results since 1993.

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Inc. Magazine Recommends Don Bury!Coping with commercial insurance renewals is rated as one of the least favorite jobs of controllers and business owners. It's the job that nobody wants, and most people try to have as little to do with it as possible. It's a puzzling, unmanageable can of worms. Most just want to forget about it, and hope that their broker takes care of them. Yet, the large, profit-dampening insurance bills keep coming each year.

You should be asking yourself the following critical questions about your commercial insurance policies if you aren't already:

  • How do you balance your dependence on your insurance broker with your need to avoid wasting money?
  • How do your perform proper due diligence?
  • What methods do you use to make sure you're not overpaying on premiums?
  • How do you ensure your coverage is what you think it is?
  • Is it wise to let a commissioned salesperson control every aspect of such a vital, expensive, and complex commercial purchase as insurance?

Insurance is a major expense you cannot ignore, one which can run 2% to 5% of company revenue -- or more. Insurance is also ridiculously complex, and at least as tricky as dealing with taxes. Did you know that over 800 variables go into a good set of insurance bid specifications (the document that brokers use to obtain quotes for you)? After all of the necessary commercial insurance policies you need to deal with, such as liability, auto, worker's compensation, and property insurance, you can easily be dealing with dozens of quoting insurance companies and perhaps several different brokers. There are over 100 different coverage types you must make decisions about, and you could easily spend days' worth of time on each of those trying to adequately understand them.

Most businesses have 5 to 10 different insurance policies, containing hundreds of pages of policy language no one understands. The fine print tells you that you are responsible for reading and understanding your policies. Yet, lawyers, judges, and juries cannot agree on what the language in your policies means.

In insurance, the stakes are high, and there is a minefield of opportunities for making serious and costly mistakes. It is a fact that even insurance brokers make mistakes every day. Many errors are made in selecting coverage. The insurance company you pick may end up insolvent. You might inadvertently fail to mention important facts to your broker that could affect coverage and quotes. Claims can be denied. There are literally hundreds of ways to overpay on your premiums. In fact, it is our experience that the vast majority of companies are overpaying by 20% or more on their total premiums.


It's hard to know who to trust when it comes to insurance. With taxes, you have aCooking the Books Article on Insurance Corruption helpful, objective, expert party to help you -- your CPA. With insurance, however, you are essentially getting your advice from commissioned salespeople. Even good, honest brokers with the best of intentions work in an industry riddled with dubious claims, conflicts of interest, policies driven by corporate greed rather than customer interests, and even outright corporate corruption.

To survive in this buyer-hostile environment, you need a system of sound buying practices and safeguards to mitigate the risk of wasting money or making potentially costly mistakes when selecting coverage. You need a dependable management advisor who can help you assess and evaluate what insurance brokers are telling you.


ICRS helps insurance buyers negotiate with the insurance industry to save money and improve coverage and service. We provide education, software, market intelligence, auditing, and support services to help buyers deal with the insurance quoting, renewal, and management process. We help buyers become better educated, better prepared, and better informed. We protect them from making expensive mistakes, and reduce their fear and irritation levels during the negotiation and procurement process. These services ultimately allow our clients to save large amounts of money, increase their coverage, and command a superior grade of services from brokers. In fact, the majority of ICRS clients save 20 to 50% on their total annual insurance premiums.

We deliver a unique, proven service that vastly reduces the possibility of overpaying on insurance. We also offer a virtually unheard of contingency-based fee arrangement and service guarantee: We will either save you thousands of dollars on your annual commercial insurance premiums, or we won't charge you for our services

We help you become a better client to your insurance broker, and a better educated insurance buyer. We do the work and the research, and you make the decisions.  We help you increase control, and then show you how to give your valued broker the information and advantages they need to help you further. This process strengthens your relationship with your broker, who will respect your wish to perform due diligence on your policy coverage in a professional manner. You end up getting more bang for your insurance buck, and arrive at each decision fully prepared and informed with the maximum amount of leverage possible.

Our service helps you diplomatically negotiate much more effectively with the insurance industry. It produces stunning cost reductions, while improving coverage and broker services. It eliminates headaches, and greatly increases your control and influence over your commercial insurance renewal cycle. It will make you more secure, by keeping you in position to respond instantly to change. You stay positioned to capture new opportunities as they arise, and respond to adverse changes.


Working with ICRS is a no-risk scenario for our clients. We are true advocates to commercial insurance buyers, and want to hear about your problems and needs to determine if we can help you. You can have us examine documents, or quotations, or we can discuss any current issues you are wrestling with. If we're able to help you, you can decide then if you wish to engage our services to save money and improve coverage. If for any reason we are not able to save you money, there will be zero cost to you.

Call us at (707) 665-9414 or email donbury@icrs.biz to schedule a free initial phone consultation so that we can begin helping you navigate the insurance jungle. If you'd like to get a jump on the process and have us begin evaluating your policies right away to determine what potential savings might exist, simply fax your policy summary pages to us at (707) 665-9414.



You never have to worry about ICRS' services costing you money. Our commitment is to only be a part of the solution, or the work we do for you is completely free of charge. All of our engagements come with absolute unconditional guarantees of satisfaction. We provide terms of service that you will be proud to show decision-makers in your organization, and which will ultimately make you the company hero.

You become a superbly informed and astute insurance buyer, while simultaneously adding a significant amount of money to your bottom line.

Let's discuss your unique situation and needs. Call (707) 665-9414 or send an email to donbury@icrs.biz to schedule a time to talk with us.

Insurance Cost Reduction Services -- We do the work. You make the decisions.

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